#105. Monday Reality Check (Get Real, Fat Guy)

I wanted to try and just say something honest on here. Maybe a few somethings….let’s go with 5. 5 things this fat guy needs to get real about.

1. If I’m honest, I quit blogging when my posting surpassed my progress. I believe that I didn’t have anything valid to say on a plateau.

2. If I’m honest, I am ashamed to have started so strong, to have made progress, and to have rebounded so far. I was 425 lbs….I lost down to 300, and now I’m 365 again.

3. If I’m being real, my shame keeps me de-motivated. I have a day or two that I do really well….then I skip workouts for 2 weeks straight.

4. If I’m honest, I’m so tired of feeling like all I have are excuses that I don’t want to even talk about fitness.

5. If I am cutting the crap, one of my biggest fears in posting this is all the people who will either audibly, on social media, or just in my imagination, write me off as lazy and tell me what I “just need to do is______”. (Knowing the right answers hasn’t helped me so far).

Does anyone else find themselves in this pattern? Follow m on Twitter (@loserjosh) or reply here and let’s talk!


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#104: Cold Shower Therapy

Yup, I’ve lost my mind. I’m taking cold showers. But you know what? I got out of bed this morning and STAYED out of bed. For someone with no motivation, that’s a big step in the right direction.
Check out blogger Joel Runyon (@joelrunyon) talk about cold shower therapy.


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#103: One Mile Marathon. Again.


(For those of you who didn’t see the insanity some months back, the originial “one mile marathon” post is here).

So I’ve talked before about upping the intensity, not the distance/duration of workouts. Of course, not long after that I punked out and gave up in mid-plateau, and mid life-change. So, I feel a little weird coming back to this honestly. Why is a fitness failure writing a fitness blog? The thing that keeps me going is knowing that some of you have failed too. Are you stuck in a rut, making excuses, or just avoiding the conversation right now? Yeah, I feel ya.

So here’s the change I’m making. I can’t do this by will power. I don’t have it. I’m a food addict. I’m a laziholic. Yeah, I made that up….addicted to laziness….see what I did there? My workout is shorter, but it’s more intense. I miss the martial arts stuff I used to do, so I’m starting with heavy bag drills. I do that first, because I only have to make it to my garage….if I start with the run, I never start….that’s just real.

Then I run. I walk out my door and take off as fast as I can, for as long as I can. Sprint. Run. GO. It’s only a mile, and I get to that mile as fast as I can….then I walk back home….about half a mile. I’m exhausted, covered in sweat, and done in less than an hour.

I’ve lost 8 lbs in a week.

Here’s what today looks like:

5 AM:  3 x 5min rounds on heavy bag (2 standing, 1 ground & pound)

              1 mi sprint, .5 mi recovery walk

EVENING:   50 situps

                         30 squats

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#102. Failure: The Mart Cart Incident

martYou know how you know you’re off track? You know how you can be sure you’ve lost your motivation? Do you know how you can tell your “plateau” excuse is played-out? Do you know how to identify the moment when you’ve been caught in a lie? Well my little losers, I will tell you how.

You will know that the world is keenly aware of your failure when you are identified as the weakest link in a grocery store full of people. When a “Mart Cart” 20 feet from you is left unattended, and 20 other people are closer to it than you, yet a store employee makes it a point to approach ONLY YOU and ask ONLY YOU if “that is your cart”…..THAT is precisely the moment you know you’ve fallen off track.

You can try to justify it. She’s an older lady, maybe she’s not “all there”. You were probably the only one in the area who didn’t have a cart.

You may even be able to laugh it off. You’re probably good at that by now. Hey, maybe it would make an amusing blog post! If you keep it vague enough, you may be able to wax hypothetical with it, and keep ’em guessing. You know, word it in second-person, so the reader places themselves in the situation. That takes the sting out of it, AND it helps you distance yourself from it.

Hey, maybe it’s best that you just recognize it as a really clear warning sign that you’re NOT FOOLING ANYONE. Life got hard and your default setting is “unmotivated”. One too many stresses makes you 1. STOP, and 2. EAT.  Not a good plan.

So what are you going to do about it? What comes next? I know what I would do in that situation. Tell the world. Offer yourself up on the altar of accountability, so that everyone around knows that you know that you’re not fooling anyone! Make a change, whatever change you can manage, and do it right NOW. Make a better meal choice. Go for a walk. Take the stairs. And ALWAYS……ALWAYS….be the one pushing the cart. lol

I’d love to hear your stories, and your feedback here or on Twitter (@loserjosh).

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5 Questions That Will Help You Not Waste Your Life (My 101st POST)

3882117-numbered-steps-in-a-sports-stadium-in-between-the-green-pastic-seatingYup, I finally got around to posting again (confession time will come soon….oooooh boy). NUMBER 101! Woohoo!

So, I’m a Christian. Whether you are or not, there’s truth in this message I heard yesterday. It talked through 5 questions you can ask yourself to help you determine what you should be doing with your life. It was extremely motivating to me, and helped me answer some lingering questions about: 1. Why I do some of the dumb things I do that cause me to fail, and 2. what my next few steps in life could be.

Here’s the link to the message http://newspring.cc/series/dont-waste-your-life/five-questions-that-will-help-me-not-waste-my-life/.

Here are the 5 Questions-

1. What do I enjoy?

What would I do for free? What do I do in my free time? What do you dream about?

2. What do I do well?

No one has to tell LeBron James he’s good at basketball. Give him a ball and you’ll find out what his gift is. What are you good at? If you say nothing, you’re lying, or you need to ask someone who knows you.

3. What bothers me?

“Where your misery is, you’ll find your ministry”. What do you see in the world that you wish you could help with? What need is there that you wish you could meet? Who do you wish you could help? Why?

4. What opportunties do I have right now?

What can you do today? Is there a baby step you can take? Is there a class you can take, a place you can volunteer, a person you can reach out to? What’s the NEXT RIGHT STEP?

5. Who?

Who will you serve? It has to be bigger than you. Being motivated by personal gain or happiness lasts a while, but it won’t motivate you completely and won’t satisfy you in the end. Find a way to change the world, even if it only changes the world for one person. Serve people. Serve God. Life is bigger than our own vain pursuits.

What is your next step? Can you answer these questions?

I’d love to hear from you- what are you working on?  Comment here on the blog, or on Twitter: @loserjosh.

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“Train up a child…..”

Tri Fatherhood

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We don’t need a life coach at our house. We have you, Izzy. I’m constantly finding your notes around the house ranging from “how to save the planet” to this blue print for each of us to have a “Healthy Life.”


My goal, according to you, is Full Ironman (ahem, FULL REV) by September 7th, 2013. All I need to do to achieve that goal and ultimately have a healthy life is “don’t eat sweets.”

You know me too well, daughter.

A couple of nights ago I brought home the smallest things of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Single serve containers. One for each of us. As I tore off the plastic wrapper from my Cherry Garcia (2nd favorite flavor behind Phish Food) ice cream you looked at me and smiled:

“Daddy, no sweets. Remember? FULL REV?”

I begged your forgiveness and asked for…

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#99- You know it’s bad when you’ve been gone so long you can’t remember your password

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